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OSKAR truck
  • OSKAR truck
  • OSKAR truck

OSKAR truck

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There is a need for order in every barber shop, so why not put all the small parts in one place? Hairway trolleys offer you plenty of storage space and special holders for frequently used tools, such as a hair dryer or a spray bottle. And thanks to the integrated wheels, they will be easy to follow.


4 removable work compartments that can be attached to the front or back of the stapler
upper part with recess for shade bowl and equipment
2 folding holders for equipment such as hair dryer, aluminum foil and hair brushes
lower shelf for additional storage space
show protection over side walls
stable metal frame
high mobility with inline wheels (Ø 5.5 cm)
materials: robust plastic, metal, rubber
dimensions (WxHxD): 36.5-52.5 x 91.7 x 38 cm


Product no .: 60111

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OSKAR truck

OSKAR truck

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